bigplans (English)

bigplans is a consultancy in partnership marketing. bigplans navigates today’s brands the marketplace to ensure their continued growth and success. The agency initiated and developed brand partnerships on a local, national and global scale and works for everything from established multi-nationals to small, trendsetting start-ups.

Partnerships create the opportunity for brands to tell their story and engage people in a meaningful way. Expertise and experience are key in selecting the right connections, especially when it comes to long term marketing strategies. The ideal partnership should realize long-term benefits as well as short-term rewards.

Finding the right partner is only half the battle; the next step is “activating” the partnership, engaging consumers or clients with a creative campaign which introduces the new alliance in a way that generates the maximum return on investment for all sides.

This is where bigplans can help; the agency has specific expertise in forging alliances in areas like sports, the arts, entertainment, media and the non-profit sector.